Animal Message Oracle

Welcome to the fantastic Animal Message Oracle virtual card deck! This magical 80-card set lets you dive into the fascinating world of animals. Our deck shows each animal’s spirit, giving you helpful advice for your life.

Using these cards teaches you about yourself and how you connect with nature’s wonders. Each card helps you learn, grow, and understand the world better. Each Animal Message Oracle card includes a write-up as to the significance of the animal as a Spirit Animal Totem. In addition, each animal has a quotation box from which it can draw variable messages assigned to the creature. So whether it is the mighty White Buffalo, humble Bumble Bee, or the extinct Thylacine arriving with a message, read it in the quotation box.

How to use the Animal Message Oracle

This deck is fun for everyone, even if you’re new to Oracle cards. To use it, mix the cards, think of a question, and pick one or more cards that feel right. Then, look at the animal and message on the card, and let your feelings show you the hidden meaning. The animal’s energy will give you wisdom and guidance every day.

The Animal Oracle deck is great if you want answers to big questions, need inspiration, or want to feel closer to nature. This powerful tool helps you learn about yourself and grow. By learning from these amazing animals, you’ll see new ways of thinking and understand how all living things are connected.

As a special bonus, take the time to look at the quote the Animal Message Oracle has placed in the Quotation Box. You will find it just below the card you have chosen. Every animal can give up to 10 focused messages to guide your day. That means that the “Spirit Animals” have over 800 variable transmissions to choose from. So be sure to consider the message and ponder its significance.

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